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Myra Aileen Dorsey graduated from Towson University in 1995 with a BS in Business Management and obtained her MBA at University of Baltimore in 1998 with a concentration in Human Resources Management. In 1995, Myra started pursuing her career aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder at a very young age -- and that is what she did.

As her career soared, so did life. This brought Myra many exciting adventures but also introduced her to some very tough life lessons, which guided her to make huge changes in how she approached life as a whole.

Working in the Corporate Human Resources environment for over 15 years for three top Fortune 500 companies in their industries (Aerospace, Financial, and Chemical, respectively), she accepted increasingly more responsibility by assuming Corporate Leadership positions. In 2010, Myra decided to utilize her business management background and expertise to launch her own business, La Bodi Massage . There, she would be able to add something of value to others and fade away from the uncertain and harsh world of the corporate environment in which she once was very entrenched. The decision to change industries and pursue a career in the wellness industry was long overdue and necessary to bring balance back to Myra's life, where she no longer has to be held accountable to anyone other than herself and where she could direct her own livelihood, health and wellness. After 5 years of building her wellness empire, Myra could not stay away from the world of Human Resources. In 2015 she launched her own HR Consulting firm in addition to La Bodi Massage. Her Consulting firm supports companies in any areas needed to include but not limited to Staffing/Recruiting or Talent Management. Training of any Human Resources materials such as Diversity, Sexual Harassment, EEO/Compliance, Development, Technical training and Management training of Supervisors/Managers. Executive level talent management coaching and training. New hire orientation development, strategic planning, Benefits Administration, HR Policy generation, Affirmative Action, Performance management etc.) However, had it not been for the experiences that led to the book, none of this would have happened.

Myra never dreamed she would ever be an author. However, those life lessons inspired her to share a story that somewhat mirrors what she experienced. As a result, Benefit of the Doubt was published, and Myra hopes her readers can learn as much from reading the book as she did from writing it.

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