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Creating Your Own Reality Seminars

Myra A. Dorsey, is not only a talented author, she’s a powerhouse

motivational speaker. Myra delivers a message that draws upon her

audience how the depths of the decisions they make in their lives

can impact their overall well-being and spirit for life. She empowers

positive thinking and resolution for any life situation…empowering

people to live purposeful lives.


Creating Your Own Reality Seminars take the audience through a

journey pulled from her book, Benefit of the Doubt that focuses

mostly on the true accounts that Dorsey personally experienced.

She highlights the trials and devastation, the mistakes and

consequences (some which almost caused her death), and how a

secret based on ancient philosophy can help individuals create the

life they always imagined which is what she did to positively change

her life.


Myra captivates the audience by engaging them to participate in

active exercises getting to help them begin to embrace positive

thinking, and shows them via examples how putting this to use can

be beneficial and/or detrimental depending on how the secret tool

is put to use.


Participants of the Creating Your Own Reality Seminars will walk away

with the following:














  Creating Your Own Reality Seminars have been presented to the following:

  • Church groups/audiences of 20-200 participants throughout Maryland

  • Keynote Speaker for Praise and Poetry Fest (Landover, MD)

  • Guest Speaker at Interim Transitional Homeless Shelter (Reisterstown, MD)

  • Featured Speaker at the Ordinance Correctional Facility (Hanover, MD)

  • Focus on Women Magazine "Featured Author Event" (Columbia, MD)



  Myra is committed to working in concert with nonprofit organizations,

  higher education institutions, and the faith-based communities to share

  the value of her vital message. She is available for speaking engagements,

  book signings, panel discussions and more. For more information, please

  contact  Myra's Public Relations team to schedule

  her to appear at your next event, media inquiries, etc.


• A renewed sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

• A new tool(s) to help turn negative situations into positive


• Resources to assist with life challenges and gain support to

embrace a new beginning.

• Motivation to obtain desired goals.

• Knowledge of how to create their own realities.

Myra discusses her "Creating Your Own Reality" series on WEAA.

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