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Benefit of the Doubt – Myra Dorsey

Kendall Sweeney is a powerful woman who comes from a tight, loving family.  Her best friend and cousin suggests to her strongly that she should give people the benefit of the doubt and become more passionate.  Kendall says “She doesn't trust anyone until they give her a reason to.”

As a way to help her cousin, Kendall works with Percy Spencer to polish up his resume and market his skills as a ten years marine working in Aerospace Research. Kendall Sweeney was a sister/girl from a great family and knew what her purpose was in life.  She was a marketing executive who was smart in her financial thinking and wanted what any woman wants to get married and have children.  She  wanted the American Dream.

Set in Chicago 2006 Percy Spencer and Kendall Sweeney go through a whirlpool of ups and downs.  Kendall in the guise of showing compassion crosses the boundaries and becomes romantically involved with Percy.   Percy Spencer sees Kendall as his “good luck charm” with miracles happening in his life.  “God only helps those who helps their selves.” Sometimes when we are not taught etiquette or manners the norm becomes life for us.  Instead of being punctual we run on our time.  When we are taught emotional abuse be take advantage of acts of kindness.

Family was everything to Kendall as she encouraged Percy to mend his broken relationships with family members.  “Sometimes what we think as normal can be a real treat for other people.” For example the many traditions we set with family during the holidays. What I liked about this book was the information that was given regarding Multiple Sclerosis. Kendall had MS.  MS did not have Kendall.  She drank Goji Juice every day and had her family involved in ways to help her through her illness.

This book dealt with every dimension of reality that happens in relationships daily.  You can only give to each other what you were taught by your family to give.  Unfortunately Percy gave humility until his representative showed up and he gave abuse.  When the first name calling of b***h started would have been enough for me.  However, giving someone the benefit of the doubt doesn't make you a fool.

I rated this book as five star because of the original idea by Myra Dorsey to show us a realistic view of relationships. Myra Dorsey outdone her self with her excellent story telling in this novel.  It is a great read. The plots and twists of page turning were great. I could feel early on that something was missing or not right with Percy and his family.  He had a emotionally abusive grand-mother that raised him after his mother was killed and Dad abandoned him.  He had
a aunt who was a police officer that allowed drug activity in her kitchen with a mental ill brother in the living room.  Percy had un-dealt mental health issues and brought that baggage into his
relationships. Sometimes what people perceive as laziness and inconsideration can be a mask of really not knowing how to be considerate and punctual if no-one properly raised us.

Kendall's father said of Percy that “he was smart enough to know how to live off of others instead of doing his fair share of the work.” Percy was in the military because he was constantly told what to do with rigid requirements never once did his mental issues come into play at war. That's real and currently we have soldiers coming back from war with un-checked mental health issues.

Young Adult ladies should read this book for knowledge on relationships and this would be a great gift to a niece or cousin. This book would make a great gift for a female soldier as well.  I was
genuinely surprised when I finished this book that it was realistic and modern America.

This book was reviewed by Marilyn Diamond  for the Sankofa Literacy Society.  Book
provided by the author or the publisher for review purposes.

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